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바닐라 시티 (Vanila City) 2집바닐라 시티(Vanila City) - Go Afro
allkpop is drawing some attention towards pop/rock band Vanila City, that released their second full length album, A boy who embrace the sky, on April 17: Vanila City releases “I’ll Be On Your Side” MV. (Although the careful reader will note that Vanila City released their first single, Jump, already in March last year)

The album includes both songs from digital single Icarus Wings as well as both songs from digital single Go Afro, released as recently as March 26. Go Afro is the theme songs for Fifa Online 2, and the album also includes the main theme for something (a tournament?) called Beautiful Challenge – a theme previously recorded by Vanila City vocalist Hex for digital EP Theme Song (2007) during his R&B days. Flirting with an international audience, the album contains English versions of both new album main track I’ll Be On Your Side and first album song Let It Rain.

More Vanila City on YouTube and Twitter.

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