Introducing Indonesian Indie Lessons

Some time ago, Widhi contacted me inquiring for the possibility to become a guest contributor here at Indieful ROK. Until then it was nothing I had considered – I kinda like running this thing on my own – but as I read further I realized that she might be just the right person to write a special feature on something I’ve been curious about for the past five years: how come Indonesian indie bands are (relatively) well known abroad and what can Korean acts do to achieve the same popularity?

As it turns out Widhi is not just a fan of Korean and Indonesian indie music, but she also comes from the very same city as both of the bands I used as success examples of Indonesian music: Mocca and annemarie. Thankfully she liked the suggested subject and added her own twist to it, so now I’m very happy to be able to present the first part of this new special feature series: Indonesian Indie Lessons.

My hope is that in addition to providing a background on some very fine Indonesian acts, with examples of what they’ve done to get out into the world, this series will also invite to some sort of discussion on a number of interesting topics concerning globalization of music. See you in the comments section?

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