Mini-interview with FilmStar

FilmStar (필름스타)
I first came across FilmStar while browsing MySpace some time last year. Their sound – reminding me of The Motorhomes – appealed to me right away and I secured a copy of their single via mrkwang. As it had been released in 2008 and so many bands with great potential never get around to follow up that first display of awesomeness, I figured that was probably it. Then, a couple of months ago, Hyang Music surprised me by saying that the first full length album from FilmStar would be out in a week. Very excited I sent off a few questions to the band in question and thanks to translation skills of wassereis you can now take part of their answers:

Could you please start by telling us a bit about FilmStar?

□ Members (4 male member band)
Kuee (V & G), Kim Dae Ho (G), Lee Jung Min (B), Kang Seung Hyun (D)

□ Album and main career
Single release FilmStar 1st Single
Selected Hello Rookie of July
EBS 공감 (Empathy) performance
Pentaport Rock Festival performance

Jisan Valley Rock Festival performance

Pop Sounds release (1st full length album)

How would you like to describe your music?
Filmstar makes beautiful and sexy music~

First of all, the (sexual) neutral voice carries a very strong color, so the first feeling is very impressive. Also the simple sound of the slopping guitar adds to the uniqueness. In between that we add a bright and warm wonderfulness. (do you have the feeling we are pretending too much? ㅎㅎ)

The songs from your first single all made it to the new album. How have they evolved over the last year and a half?
There are 3 songs we recorded for the single and then recorded again for Pop Sounds. While they were rough and tough on the single, we think, that they got more or less softer and lovelier on Pop Sounds. FilmStar rather want to express beauty and brightness than sadness and darkness. We’re trying to develop fitting to that color. There are a lot of cases where people who heard the single, told us that the single version is better. We think it’s a natural reaction, if they are people who got to like FilmStar because of the feeling from the single. We are rather pleased that we made such a big difference that the liking and disliking of the listeners get divided. Our music’s true nature lies in the melody. We’re putting effort in it to etch a wonderful melody. Of course it is sad that under the already existing fans some people are disappointed. But it is a part we have to give up on, to put our own colors into our first album we released. ^^

What else can you share about Pop Sounds?
There has to pass a bit more time until we can talk about it ^^

We finished our first release performance with success. Almost 250 people came to the performance. Because the club was small, it was uncomfortable and there were so many people that the sound didn’t come out as it should. ^^ We think like that it was a start you just have to be satisfied with. Still, compared to the warm reaction of the beginning, it lacked a bit, but we will work hard to wait cheerfully. If we made good music then the appreciating people will appear. If not, then we have to be hard working and make a 2nd album with new songs. ^^

I’m way behind in my CD shopping and so haven’t had a chance to listen to Pop Sounds just yet, but while I did very much enjoy their old sound what little I’ve heard of the new one sounds prefectly agreeable too. Check out the music video for the new version of Lucky G below:

(via official FilmStar YouTube channel)

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