Filmstar to release first album

필름스타 (Filmstar) 1집 - Pop Sounds
There’s a whole bunch of interesting releases coming out within the next few days that I haven’t had the time to get to posting on yet, but I just found something so exciting I had to post right away: FilmStar will release a full length album! The title is Pop Sounds and it will be out on January 27. The album includes all three songs from the 2008 release 1St Single album, and also features Lucky G in a club mix – a song that has now gotten its own Music Video.

First time I listened to FilmStar they kinda reminded me of Motorhomes and A Mere Child in particular is a song with high replay potential as far as I’m concerned. Songs appear to have been slightly remade since, but to hear what they used to sound like you can listen to the entire first single at MySpace.

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  1. psychodorama

    yes, love the mv and the song too! Thank you :)
    Hey I was wondering if by chance you would know a website/youtube channel or something that talks about the latest music videos released in the indie/rock industry? Even if it’s in korean. I can’t seem to find any….

  2. janet

    I’ll second that, there is not a single channel that has it all the way orienkorean did.

    However if you don’t mind having multiple subs, here are some channels you can try.
    stonerose5 (check her favorites)

    other than them, it dwindles down to the individual channels of different artists.

    hope this has been some help. ^^


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