February releases

Time to make a first effort to catch up on the release updates! Here are ten releases from last month:

February 11:
싸이키델릭 썬 (Pychedelic Sun) - 더러운 욕망
Although the liner notes appear to suggest that Psychedelic Sun has been around since 2005, it was not until this year that first EP 더러운 욕망 was released. Chris Park has already reviewed the EP, which is supposed to contain a sound of 60s psychedelic rock combined with 70s glam rock and 90s grunge. For lyrics and details in Korean (including pictures) on how the Psychedelic Sun guitar sound was accomplished you can check out the official site.

February 16:
뇌태풍 1집 - Disney Punk
Long at last, “super ultra mega shocking dancing unique pop performance group” NoiTyPoon has released its first full length album: Disney Punk. It includes last summer’s Memory single main track 너무많은 너무적은 as well as two versions of the 2007 digital single 첫사랑이 생각나는 이 밤 title track. Check out the updated music video for 첫사랑이 생각나는 이밤 on YouTube, or visit MySpace for a chance to sample 9 out of the 13 album tracks.

February 17:
페니스위치 (Peniswitch) - 변기가 된 남자
“Jolly exhiarationg wicked visual rock’n roll band” Peniswitch does indeed seem pretty jolly if one is to judge the four member band from its first EP, 변기가 된 남자. Hyang Music offers samples of generous length from every song on the album: all of 애인구인 and 변기가 된 남자 and roughly 2 minutes each of the rest.

February 18:
타이 (Tie) - 기억의 숲에 비가 내리면
When warm singer/songwriter Tie released his first full length album, he called it 기억의 숲에 비가 내리면 and included every song from the two preceding digital singles alongside a set of new titles. This also means that the cute music videos for 너에게 달려, 새벽소리, and 양 한 마리 양 두 마리 have now gotten company by the music video for new album track 핸드드립.

February 22:
카브 (Carve) - 영원
J-rock inspired balladeer Carve has debuted with single 영원. The 6 track single holds 3 songs both with and without vocals. Get a taste of the title track over at Hyang Music.

February 23:
이지형 - 봄의 기적 (소품집)해이 (Hey) – Vegetable Love
Supported by acoustic guitar, piano, cello, and more, pop singer EZ Hyoung has released a new special album, this one called 봄의 기적. The album includes acoustic versions of first album track Nobody Likes Me and second album track Beatles Cream Soup – the latter now featuring Yeongene. Janet found an album teaser and Hyang Music offers brief samples for both the title track and a song called Ordinary Day.

More than six years after the release of second full length album Piece of My Wish, Hey made a return with mini album Vegetable Love. The mini album brings forth four new songs, there among Living Next Door To You featuring Kim Jong Wan of Nell, three of which are also available in English versions. To hear Hey sing one of her new ballads, check out the music video for Gravity. Learn more on Hey at make-shift cartology and read a review of Vegetable Love at wakesidevision.

February 25:
강백수 - 노래, 강을 건너다라피스 폰스 (Lapis Fons) - The Last Cradle시와 (Siwa) 1집 - 소요 (逍遙)
“Acoustic one man band” Kang Baek Soo has released a five track CD-R called 노래, 강을 건너다. Although to add something extra to each songs, session players contributing with piano, harmonica, djembe, and cello have helped in forming a modern pop/rock sound for this recording.

Lapis Fons released an album called The Last Cradle, that I suspect to be their first. Produced by Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy vocalist M.pneuma it should offer a mix of symphonic gothic metal and classical darkwave. The limited edition of the CD comes with a special hidden track.

Female singer/songwriter Siwa has released her first full length album, 소요 (逍遙). Only 랄랄라 from the self-titled debut single released in 2007 appears to have made it onto there, and it has now gotten a music video. To get an idea of what Soyo sounds like, check out the first two album trailers or visit Hyang Music has samples for every track on the album.

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