Further developments in the YNot?/CN Blue issue

Thanks to mrkwang I learned of an interesting development in the YNot?/CN Blue plagiarism controversy: Yesterday a campaign was started by netizens to see to that YNot?’s 파랑새 do better than CN Blue’s 외톨이야 on the charts. At 11AM February 10 they had succeeded (see here), though now five hours later CN Blue has taken the lead on YNot? again. Check out the current status of the chart – it updates every hour.

In other related news, Shin Hae Chul has lashed out against CN Blue both concerning the plagiarism issue and their claim to be a band: Shin Hae-chul Spews Venom Against CNBLUE.

And now, the 외톨이야 composer himself has spoken publicly about the issue: CNBLUE’s composer Kim Do Hoon speaks on plagiarism allegations.

If you too feel like you need to read up on CN Blue, I’d recommend this post from omgkpop: C.N. Blue, a Bend in KPOP Trend. And if you’d like to share your opinions we have some sort of discussion here that you’re more than welcome to join.

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