Korean Music Award 2009 nominations

In about a month or so, the winners of the 6th annual Korean Music Awards will be announced. I dropped by the site today to have a look at the nominations. Here are the nominees in the main categories:

Album of the year
Galaxy Express: Noise On Fire
Kim Dong Ryul: Monologue
Youn Sun Nah: Voyage
Verbal Jint: 누명
Sister’s Barbershop: 가장보통의존재
W&Whale: Hardboiled

Song of the year
Sister’s Barbershop: 아름다운 것
Wonder Girls: Nobody
Jang Ki Ha: 싸구려 커피
Toy: 뜨거운 안녕
W&Whale: R.P.G Shine

Musician of the year
Kim Dong Ryul
Galaxy Express
Verbal Jint
Sister’s Barbershop

Newcommer of the year
Vidulgi OoyoO

Personally I find the newcommers category more interesting – save for Jang Ki Ha I haven’t actually gotten around to listen to anything from the other categories… At first I was surprised to find Goonamguayeoridingstella among the newcommers, but soon realized that their album debut 우리는 깨끗하다 was released too late in 2007 to be included in last year’s selection. And that also explains why The Black Skirts (while very much deserving the price) isn’t on the list. And it sorta surprised me to see both Zitten and Loro’s on the list despite both releasing stuff a couple or more years ago, but so I realized that Zitten’s debut EP was self released and TuneTable probably not big enough for Loro’s debut single to really make an impact. Still happy to see them both nominated though and I sorta hope for one of them to win.

I might return with the genre and netizen nominations later if I can get a bit more time on my hands. If not you’ll find them all in the 수상후보 section at kmusicawards.com.

3 Comments Korean Music Award 2009 nominations

  1. Shay

    The only album of the year nominee I’ve heard is Verbal Jint’s 누명. While he’s not my top favorite rappers, the release is pretty solid and has some really good tracks. Plus it’s 2 CDs =)

  2. clumproll

    omg you HAVE to listen to Sister’s Barbershop! It’s easily album and song of the year. If you’re familiar with their previous albums, it’s easy to brush off at first listen how restrained their sound has become. But that’s the lingering genius of this one. The kind of sound that doesn’t blow you a way at first but seeps in and grows on you. Been on repeat in the car, then I’d bring it back into the house for more. Curiously, on the band’s website they mention it’s kind of a concept album (something about lyrics from alternating point-of-views), and insist you listen to it in track-order.
    ok, enough fanboyism for one day.

  3. helikoppter

    clumproll, I’ll make sure to include it in my next order then. I did use to listen a lot to them in the past, but just haven’t gotten around to checking out their more recent stuff… Thanks for the tip! Did you ever receive that The Invisible Fish box btw?


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