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Want to learn random things about some k-indie people? Then this amusing read is highly recommended: Beautiful Mint Life corner ‘Would You Like’ Highlights. Find out how Jang Kiha & The Faces bassist Jeong Jung Yeop and Oyster Boys vocalist Kim Won Gu do exercise; which festivals Vodka Rain vocalist Ahn Seung Jun and Sister’s Barbershop vocalist Lee Seok Won are aching to go to; the most memorable performance episodes experienced by Delispice/Omega 3 bassist Yun Jun Ho and Broccoli, you too? main guy Yoon Deok Won; the favorite manhwa’s of Yeongene, Oh Ji Eun and Peppertones‘ Noshel; and the morals by which Naru and Serengeti bassist Yoo Jun Gyun lead their lives.

내일은 플레이걸
If you’ve visited the Playgirl site, you will likely have seen the cute Playgirl cartoons posted there (1 2 3 4). For those of us less savvy in the Korean language, wassereis has translated the second part: Playgirls losing their way~

Plenty on Serengeti: random Serengeti post

Violet Sweets offers an update on the plans of No Reply: [No Reply] Little View on 2010. wassereis also posted a bit on No Reply’s 3rd concert at Wannabe-Translator.

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