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Midnight Stitch - Deadman Walking메이트 (Mate) - With Mate
Unless you’re already reading Violet Sweets now might be a good time to start. Unlike myself, the Violet Sweets site admin actually knows Korean and she knows her way around the fan places, so I get to learn a lot from those extra bits of information she usually adds. Here’s a summary from the past few days:

Midnight Stitch released third single Deadman Walking on January 17. One more single could be expected before they move on to a full length album: [Midnight Stitch] New Single

Popular soft rock band Mate will release a mini album called With Mate tomorrow, January 20: [Mate] New Minialbum. There’s a trailer, and K-Bites has translated a short article with more info no their current schedule.

Not just Midnight Stitch, but female fronted folk rock act Amado Band too have revealed plans to release their first album: [Amado Lee Jaram Band] Working on Album This Year.

Lastly, Guckkasten are apparently just in the middle of re-recording their self titled album debut for the Japanese market, a couple of new titles included: [Guckkasten] Japanese Album

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