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I will hopefully have more time to catch up on the release update posting tomorrow, but for now – here’s last week’s Indie TOP10 from Bugs:

Bugs Indie TOP10 – January 21, 2010
1. Kyu Won – 기찻길 [MV]
2. Nabi – 발 닿는 곳으로
3. 9 and the Numbers – 말해주세요 [Hyang]
4. Lucid Fall – 고등어 [@ Director’s Cut]
5. Super Kidd – 내 맘대로 [MV]
6. Jang Kiha & The Faces – 싸구려 커피 [@ EBS Space]
7. Lucid Fall – 평범한 사람 [@ Director’s Cut]
8. Mitm – 꽃
9. Lazybone – 후따후따 네볼라따 [MV]
10. Lucid Fall – 레미제라블 Part 1

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
14. 9 and the Numbers – 선유도의 아침 [Hyang]
37. What! – 미친 개들의 싸움
43. Savina & DronesBacker
48. PoeFall
59. Mongkeysound – 까삐요
91. YNot? – 파랑새 [@ Club Ta]
94. Lily A NunKillin’ Racer
96. Booboo – 류의 거절 (Ryu’s Reffusal)

See the full top 100 list here.

왓! (What!) - 3January 22, rock band What! returned with 3rd full length album 3. Although I have yet to hear what it sounds like, if getting rid of one guitarist didn’t affect their music they should still be equipped with a strong rock sound in line with that drummer Shin Dong Hyun contributed to while still in Sinawe.

사비나 앤 드론즈 - Does To LiveSavina & Drones released first EP Does To Live on January 14. The album info has led me to believe that Savina is a sitar player. Quite intriguing, I’d say, although for now it seems like it’s a digital release only so whether there’ll ever be a chance to still my curiosity.

포(Poe) - BurnoutAnother EP from January 14 I hope to see released on CD soon is POE’s Burnout. According to themselves their music is “brit pop, british rock, dream pop, shoegazing” and with a pianist but without a guitarist in the line up, I’m reminded of one of my very favorite bands. I kinda suspect the drummer, Kim Tae Jong, is the The The Band session player that released Factory Sound some four years ago.

Mongkeysound debuted with a self-titled album in May 2009, and returned with a digital single 2Band Radio on January 15. The two members have both participated in other bands previously, Jung Won Jae once the vocalist of Glue and Jo Sung Min once the vocalist of many bands – most notably in Red+/Redplus and the all too forgotten Subway. Sample their modern rock sound in the long music video for first album track 꿈이아니길

와이낫?(Ynot?) - GreenAppleIf I were to guess, I’d say that the reason why a song from Ynot?’s 2008 digital single Green Apple suddenly made it to the chart is because of the recent controversy regarding CN Blue‘s 외톨이야 plagiarizing the song in question. Read more on that here, here, here, and here, or listen here.

릴리아넌(Lily A Nun) - Killin' RacerLily A Nun had digital single Killin’ Racer released on January 14. It only contained the title track and an instrumental version of the same.

부부(Booboo) - Ryu's ReffusalOn January 14, female fronted rock quartet Booboo released new mini album Package is Arrived – Ryu’s Reffusal. Sample Conflict, Ryu’s Reffusal, Monster and Stark from the Booboo Cyworld club.

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  1. Kei

    I know this post is a little outdated, but I was wondering if you could help me find more of the band ‘Poe.’ I’m having absolutely no luck finding anything on them, other than your blog here. Any help is appreciated! I really liked their song Fall!


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