Bugs Indie Music Chart w1

It’s time for the very first indie chart from Bugs of 2010! Since I now know the chart is updated on Thursdays, I’ll try to post the top 10 on Thursdays too from now on. Not just to keep it more current, but also because I have plans for another weekly chart to take over the Sunday spot.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – January 7, 2010
1. 9 and the Numbers – 말해주세요 [Hyang]
2. Super Kidd – 내 맘대로 [MV]
3. Lazybone – 후따후따 네볼라따 [MV]
4. Lucid Fall – 고등어
5. Mitm – 꽃
6. Jang Kiha & The Faces – 싸구려 커피 [@ EBS Space]
7. GuyzMonologue
8. Eloise49 [@ Club Bbang]
9. DP12월, 겨울, 바다 (with Ha Neul Hae)
10. RubylightLove, On! (album ver.) (feat. Ji-hoon) [single ver. MV]

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
48. Thomas cook – 새로운 아침
53. 9 and the Numbers – 그리움의 숲 [Hyang]
61. 9 and the Numbers – 오렌지 카운티 [Hyang]
91. Park Jeong Seo – 이별후에
100. Honest Melody – 똥골게

See the full top 100 list here.

토마스 쿡 (Thomas Cook) 1집 - Time TableMy Aunt Mary vocalist Thomas cook had his so far only solo album, Time Table, released in 2001 together with Moonrise Compilation 2 serving as a bonus CD. In 2005 it was released again, although this time with a bonus track (친구) featuring Lucid Fall. The song that surprisingly (even more so since I coincidentally found myself listening to his album last weekend for the first time in many years) ended up in the upper half of Bugs’ indie chart this week features Sweetpea.

박정서 - Remember The FridayOnce the guitarist of heavy metal band Iron Rose (where rock ballad man K2/Kim Sung Myun debuted as vocalist), Park Jong Seo is set to release single Remember The Friday on January 12. Although I suspect from the album info that the title is related to a band called Friday where Park Jong Seo was a bassist, it’s fun to note that Iron Rose participated on the first Friday Afternoon album back in 1988.

정직한 멜로디 - 똥골게Keeping it digital, male indie rock quartet Honest Melody followed debut single 아이고 좋아라 from April with two track release 똥골게 on December 18.

6 Comments Bugs Indie Music Chart w1

  1. helikoppter

    Like them too. Just placed a new order with mrkwang so I’m hoping to hear more of them, and everything else from 9 and the numbers soon! Kinda surprises me though that there is no show of the song that actually has a music video (although from what little I have heard it does seem like one of their weaker tracks).

    Even more surprising is Mitm suddenly that high up the chart. Wonder what happened there! Did you check them out when I posted on them before btw? (here) I find them quite lovely ^^

  2. janet

    Oooh yeah, I seriously remember those videos, b/c I remember thinking the guy with the hat is cute, but I made no mental note of who I was listening to. lol


    This chart really flucuates.
    Agree song w/ the lego mv is not too impressionable.


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