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The extremely kind wassereis found a bunch of interesting news via Mint Paper and offered some translations. The below could not have been written without her (and is in part actually written by her), so thank you very much!

루시드폴 4집 - 레 미제라블
Lucid Fall will release his 4th full length album on December 10. The title of the album is 레미제라블, which reads Les Misérables. Although the songs are not related to the Victor Hugo novel, Lucid Fall has been inspired by the many people around the main character who live in misery and die. He wanted to reflect our today’s image into the image of those people and tried to write down the stories of the people today more detailed one by one. Apparently this has been on his mind for the past couple of years, and it seems as though this album is a big change from previous efforts.
Update 091207: Album cover!

As you may recall, Peppertones too has new full length album coming out. It’s now called Sing and is currently being mixed, but can hopefully be finished for a release on December 18. This time the male indie pop/electronica duo have recorded songs with five female guests.

Mint Paper also had a bit of interesting news related to Naru‘s second album, details at Violet Sweets: [Naru] New Album in February~March?

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