A couple of links of interest

Thanks to Janet I ended up at a new LiveJournal community with something of a Korean indie music focus today. It is called Soulvirtue and is run by a Finnish girl that will “recommend the latest / greatest pieces of Korean music”.

Another blog I ended up at recently, is one I can’t really understand myself but that might be of interest to those of you that can grasp the Brazilian kind of Portugese: sarangingayo. It’s mostly the regular kpop stuff, but there are the occasional indie related post as well – such as today’s translation of something about Peppertones‘s recently released 3rd album: ♥ Peppertones agita o mercado indie ao lançar seu 3° álbum.

3 Comments A couple of links of interest

  1. janet

    yeah, I didn’t get it either, b/c when I hovered over it, it looked fine. possible cookie problem, or maybe just my pc acting a fool.


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