Bugs Indie Music Chart w44

And finally – the most recent indie chart from Bugs! I’m happy to see 가을방학 still at number 1, but somewhat annoyed with myself for not keeping the chart posting up while in Korea so I could’ve heard of it sooner…

Bugs Indie TOP10 – November 1, 2009
1. Autumn Vacation – 가을방학 [YT audio]
2. Swallow – 두 사람
3. Lucite Tokki – 손꼭잡고
4. Avoid TaleI’m Fine
5. RossyPPFalling In Love
6. Began Who – 소망 II
7. 7GramsLady Come2me (feat. Park Woong)
8. Jang Kiha & The Faces – 싸구려 커피 [@ Music Travel Lalala, 081210]
9. Jang Kiha & The Faces – 달이 차오른다, 가자 [MV]
10. Broccoli, you too? – 앵콜요청금지 [@ Street Sound Take 1]

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
25. Sweetpea – 납 메아리 [@ EBS Space]
35. Sweetpea – Kiss Kiss [@ GMF2009]
41. Sweetpea – 챠우챠우 [Delispice live]
63. Swallow – Show
71. Swallow – It
83. Lucid FallSur Le Quai (instrumental)

See the full top 100 list here.

Male trio Avoid Tale debuted with five track digital single Comfort on October 21. Somewhat depressing modern rock of the kind that should make it somewhat easy to build a wide fan base.

After what appears to be a 7 year hiatus, rock band Began Who has returned with a new album titled The City Life. The song currently on Bugs indie chart, 소망 II follows up on 소망 from first album Began… Who?.

In 2007, sweetpea held a set of “classic concerts” with an orchestra backing him up. Obviously those concerts were recorded as a 2CD live album called Sweetpea Classic Concert – 거절하지 못할 제안 was released on October 23. See full tracklist here.

New old song of the week is a live recording of Sur le Quai from the 2007 Lucid Fall 2CD set The Light of Songs. The song was originally featured on the soundtrack for 2002 movie Bus Stop (버스, 정류장) that at the time (and a few years later) served as a common entry gate into the lovely world of Korean indie music.

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