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루싸이트 토끼 2집 - a Little SPARKLE
Over at the Lucite Rabbit thread at Soompi, elepop shared the news that Lucite Tokki has a new album called A Little Sparkle coming out in October. The Pastel site has not yet specified a date for the release of this second full-length album, but lists the 11 songs expected to be found on it.

Since the new Pastel website was launched last year I don’t visit nearly as often as I used to (it’s all too slow to navigate well) but dropping by just now I found that A Little Sparkle is not all that’s new from Lucite Tokki. August 14 Superrunner released a digital EP called Be Yourself, Color Yourself. It seems Sentimental Scenery has worked on all four songs while assisted by Lucite Tokki on Color Story 1: 김연아 편 and assisted by Jaejoo Boys on Color Story 2: 이동준 편

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