Biuret in Australia and album plans

As you may recall, Sutasi winners Biuret will be playing One Movement For Music Perth this October. The female fronted pop/rock act will get on stage Sunday October 18 and revealed in a small question session that they plan to cover Paramore‘s Decode on the occasion.

From the introduction: “Throughout 2010, they plan to spend time in Australia and the US working on their debut album.” I suppose that refers to Biuret’s global debut album, seeing as they already have two full length albums out in Korea. Judging by the focus on songs from Be Full of Spirit: Beautiful Violet during the Sutasi competition I would not be surprised if it overshadows material from Dreams Come True on that international album too (assuming they will reuse any old songs at all, of course). Either way it will definitely be interesting to hear what Biuret tailored for an international audience will sound like.

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