Old House releases Hermin in Japan

허민(Hermin, ホミン) 3집 'Blossom'
Taking a quick look at Soribada the other day, I found that singer/songwriter Hermin has released a new album. The title is Blossom and apparently it’s been out since September 11. Lots of short samples here, including a Demicat remix of new song 시간이 지나면 (that can be sampled in its entirety at Demicat’s MySpace). And here’s a bunch of music videos: My Little Cat : 고양이버스 : 봄이 오면 (Inst.). The album doesn’t seem to be available on CD yet though – at least not in Korea. Trying to dig up more information I ended up at Old House where Blossom can be found among the CD releases with the date September 5 in the album info.
Update 090922: Turns out the album was released on CD in Korea September 19!

ホ・ミン(hermin) - Arigat
Turns out Blossom isn’t all that Old House has to offer from Hermin. August 1 (or so I think), a Japanese album called Arigato was released. The tracklist seems to consist primarily of songs previously (or recently) released in Korea, but there could very well be a bunch of new songs on there as well.

peppertones(ペッパートーンズ) -「Hello world」
And turns out Hermin isn’t all that Old House has to offer when it comes to Korean music. December 15 last year, Peppertones released an album called Hello, World! gathering 9 of their finest songs from previous Korean releases for a Japanese audience.

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