Mini-interview with 99anger


After an all too long hiatus, punk band 99anger has finally returned with a new full length album that from what little I’ve heard so far is quite catchy and sounds great. The band’s vocalist Hyun Lee answered a few questions for Indieful ROK:

Who are 99anger?

99ANGER formed by Hyun Lee on Jeju Island 1997.

99ANGER plays Punk/hardcore/emo/indi.

99ANGER is Hyun Lee (Guitar/Vocals), Jinsik Go (Bass/Vocals), HyunJin Hwang (Drums).

What does the new album sound like?

You tell me! Fucking awesome!

This album is very special to all of us. For the first time, we worked with a producer. It was really meaningful and important experiences as a band member. Now I feel like I’m professional : )

Can we expect any promotional activities outside of Korea?

I hope so. Let me talk to the boss about it. I want to go on a tour 24/7 365

What’s the music scene like on Jejudo?

I heard it’s dead. Please form a band and play shows, people!!!


Though the album was released September 9, the album release show won’t be until September 26 where other awesome punk bands like Same Old Story and special guest Amature Amplifier also will make appearances.

If you wish to learn more on 99anger, KoME has a longer interview from the beginning of the year.

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