Milk Milk Lemonade reviews Dabang Band

다방밴드 - 돗대
New review from Milk Milk Lemonade – this time the final Dabang Band release: Dabang Band: Last One EP. 45 and It’s A Lie are offered as downloads to go with the review, and for those that wish to hear more the EP is up for full streaming on

On a side note, I much preferred Dabang Band when Gord Sellar was still a member. Check out Got No Time if you ever come across Dabang’s Product album – that’s one of those songs that years later still pop up in my head every now and then. (oh, and I too did a brief review of this EP a few years back, posted here)

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  1. mingyu

    Ah~ Do you remeber Dabang Band’s 2nd album? Everytime I listen their songs, recall me happy time with them. They lived in Jeonjoo, so every weekend they came in Seoul for recording. I love songs, “Green Leaves”, “Sea Shanty” also “Got No Time”:)

  2. gordsellar


    Is this the Minkyu I know? If so, then thank you. If not, then you’re welcome. :)

    (I also still love Sea Shanty.)


    Thanks for the link! I also managed to review that Star Wars album you pointed me at, finally, late last night. Great, great fun. Thanks!


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