Korean Star Wars filk reviewed

Star Wars 스타워즈 프로젝트 컴필레이션 2008
Gord Sellar has reviewed one of last year’s most interesting releases, the Star Wars Project Compilation 2008: Star Wars: 스타워즈 프로젝트 컴필레이션 (2008).

Personally I’m quite fond of all the songs mentioned by Gord – the R2D2 pansori in particular, and also the Skywalker song from Anakin Project which I use as alarm signal on my private mobile phone. My very favorite tracks however would have to be 내 이름은 은하의 총잡이 츄바카 from 푼돈들 and Human from 박병주. Don’t miss the link at the bottom of the review for an opportunity to hear these awesome songs and more!

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