Bridget and the Puppycats to play alongside Henna Dress

Bridget of Bridget and the Puppycats sent me an email the other day regarding one of the shows in the upcoming Henna Dress Korea Tour, arranged by Super Color Super. Since I liked what I heard on MySpace, here’s some info:

In Cafe Mudaeryuk September 17, Bridget and the Puppycats will make their first performance with its current members – five females from four different countries. In addition to US born Bridget providing the main works (vocals & guitars), there’s English Rebecca on keys and backups vocals, Canadian Cassie adding “fiddle and other things”, Korean Ssue on drums and Na-young playing “ukelela and other things”.

Henna Dress, for those of you curious, offers quirky, noisy chiptunes from Japan. Also playing with her this tour are ohwho and the delightful Gun Hoon Shee on September 18, and September 19 she’ll be joining in on the Round Robin September Session.

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