A couple of music videos

Generally I’m not much for videos to go with my music, but these past few days videos for a couple of awesome indie rock tracks were released so I had to spend a little time on YouTube this morning anyway. Now the videos might not be as fantastic as the songs, but I’d still advice you to check them both out:

Achime‘s 거짓말꽃 has been one of my favorite tracks this summer and although I was somewhat disappointed with the EP as a whole, the brilliance of the title track is difficult to ignore (and if you manage the first time around, please consider giving it another listen!). achime_’거짓말꽃’ the video.

The Pony were great last year, but even so they have definitely managed to step it up a bit for the Pony album: The Pony – Disturbance MV (포니 – 소란들 )

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