A couple of upcoming .5 releases

레이지본 (Lazybone) 4.5집 - Dance Dance하우스 룰즈 (House Rulez) 2.5집 - Pool Party
Found a couple of upcoming .5 releases when browsing Hyang’s pre-order section this morning:

Former ska-punk act Lazybone will release 4.5 album Dance Dance on July 2 – more than two years after the release of fourth album 나는 새. I can’t really say I’ve kept up with their releases for the past few years, but apparently they turned into a “mellow punk” band with emocore and nu-metal influences with the release of 3.5 Leave Behind Emotion in 2006 (the entire digital EP can currently be sampled in full at MySpace). Though if they’ve stuck to that sound or not I have no idea…

Electronica act House Rulez will release 2.5 album Pool Party, on July 7. 9 tracks in total, including Aftermoon Corea which may or may not be a new version of After Moon from second album Star House City released last December.

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