Interesting composers for Kim Hyung Joong’s 4th

김형중 4집 - Polaroid
Kim Hyung Joong releasing an album is usually something I wouldn’t notice, but finding Polaroid among the upcoming releases at Hyang I clicked it on a whim and spotted a bunch of names of higher interest to me: There were Toy/You Hee Yeol, Kang Hyun Min of Loveholics, Bae Young Joon and Han Jae Won of W, and Peppertones. mrkwang tells me it’s because they have all been writing songs for the album. And Hwang Project has produced it. From what I can tell Kim Hyung Joong sings pretty well, and having a history in E.O.S (90s kpop is still a favorite of mine) I’m thinking this could be pretty interesting anyway.

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