Help KoME bring Epik High to Europe

Speaking of Korean artists making their way to Europe, KoME has an admirable initiative going: Epik High in Europe. It might be a misunderstanding on my part, but my idea has been that JaME (the Japanese music counterpart of KoME) has played a big role in making Japanese music as popular in Europe as it is today. And after years and years of planning I think it’s great to see KoME following the same path. So if you live in Europe, Epik High fan or not, please take a while to fill out the poll and perhaps one day you too will have several gigs with your favorite artists to chose from every month. Here’s a review of Map The Soul btw.

2 Comments Help KoME bring Epik High to Europe

  1. Taliana

    JaME definitely played a big part in increasing the popularity of J-Rock in Europe. And I for one am thrilled to be working for KoME as we take the same first steps that JaME took all those years ago :D It would be fantastic if we can do for Korean music in Europe/America what JaME did for Japanese music in the same area.


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