New T-shirt from The Invisible Fish

FUZZPOP [short sleeved shirts] series: Pamplona Toros
You might recall the EP related The Invisible Fish T-shirts we posted on a couple of months ago. Recently another T-shirt was added to the Fuzzpop Short Sleeved Shirt series: Pamplona Toros. Details here.

I got myself the Loss/Sleepless tee with my latest order from mrkwang (expecting Through The Glass Wall with my next) and if you’re as uncertain about Korean sizes as I was, I can tell you that one of these t-shirts in size L is slightly bigger than a regular girl’s t-shirt size M in Europe. The fabric is quite thick and the overall quality of the garment seems very good, though I was told to expect it to shorten 1-2 cm after the first wash. As something of a bonus, these EP t-shirts come with an 18 minute short film called 투수,타자를 만나다 which deals with the insecurity of a baseball player (I think…). No subtitles, but it’s fairly easy to grasp the bigger idea anyway. Plus the score’s made by The Invisible Fish – the ending song in particular is well worth a listen!

Oh, and following a link from slowzz’s blog I ended up at Hyang Music’s T-shirt section. New territory for me, but I did find it quite interesting and ended up compiling the list below. I can’t make any guarantees, but I have a feeling that if you just ask mrkwang nicely enough he might be of great assistance if you’d like to make a special order for any of these:
Delispice: 10th Anniversary Concert T-Shirts
Fortune Cookie: 행운의 시작 T-Shirts, Pink Star T-Shirts
Julia Hart: 영원의 단면 T-Shirts (grey), 영원의 단면 T-Shirts (blue)
My Aunt Mary: Just Pop T-Shirts (Navy)
Peppertones: 앨범 발매 기념 T-Shirts
Roller Coaster: Dive Into The City T-Shirts
Wasak Cracker: 행복해 T-Shirt

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