Korean indie music – now on iTunes!

Thanks to Korea Pop Wars I realized that I will most definitely have to re-evaluate my decision never to buy any DRM-infested music files: There is something called DFSB Kollective and they have a bunch of clients with music now available on iTunes:

Cross-section of Korea’s top alternative rock, hip-hop, r&b, and electronic music acts. Diverse range of best-selling, award-winning, mainstream, indie, and experimental artists. Dynamic mix of classic catalogs, unreleased tracks, recent hit songs, and world premiere releases.

The full list, sorted by label is available here, but I took the liberty of listing the surprisingly voluminous collection of participating artists I suspect readers of this blog will find particularly interesting:

3rd Line Butterfly
Cheez Stereo
Crying Nut
Dabang Band
DJ Jinu
DJ Soulscape
DJ Unjin
Golden Pops
House Rulez
Huckleberry Finn
Jang Ki Ha
Kingston Rudieska
Oriental Funk Stew
Oyster Boys
Plastic People
Seoul Electric Band
Sister’s Barbershop
Sultan of The Disco
Sung Ki Wan
The Rock Tigers
Vidulgi OoyoO

And not to forget, the complete Our Nation series should be available too, adding Yellow Kitchen, Pastel, and another bunch of bands to the list above.

Oh, and wile visiting the DFSB site to get more information, make sure to drop by the news section where they’ve posted an interesting month-old article from Korea Times with plenty on Jang Ki Ha & The Faces: Indie Culture Redeems Past Glory

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  1. 장지훈

    I’m very firmly a CD buyer, but this may be the only opportunity I have to pick up 3rd Line Butterfly’s first and third albums legitimately (without paying insane prices for a used copy). And so perhaps I will go digital distrib for the first time…


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