Sentimental Scenery’s first CD

Sentimental Scenery - Harp Song + Sentimentalism
Winner of the singer/songwriter category of the same Pastel audition that shot zitten into stardom, shibuya-kei style electronica act Sentimental Scenery will release his first own CD on January 7. The title of the album is Harp Song + Sentimentalism, implying that it contains the Harp Song digital single released December 4 as well as the Sentimentalism digital album released in June 2007.

Though in addition to Harp Song and eight titles familiar from Sentimentalism, there’s also Miss You from Taru and Sentimental Scenery’s R.A.I.N.B.O.W release, Time After Time from the digital single Falling In Love… (February 2007), an all new (?) track called Oriental Snow and the main track Re-Birth that appears to be a reworked version of Birth (from the digital single with the same name, August 2007). Re-Birth can be sampled from Pastel Music.

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