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Hollow Jan has not been mentioned on this blog since they took home the rock album category of KMA back in March, primarily because we haven’t really had any news on them to post. But I know many of you want this blog to do a small feature on artists every now and then. And now that Dope has joined last.fm with a bunch of Hollow Jan songs, I spent a good part of the past couple of days listening to them while working. So I thought I should let you in on this awesomeness.

I’m not gonna write a biography, since there’s a pretty good one at KoME already. But I am gonna tell you what’s important: Hollow Jan is one of the finest acts Korea has to offer. I chose their first full lenght album, Rought Draft In Process as one of the best releases from late 2006-2007 for LKL, but it is also one of my favorite albums, ever. On MySpace they describe their music as “Alternative / Hardcore / Experimental”, but a more accurate description I feel would be screamo vocals over post-rock instrumentals.

Now don’t tell me Hollow Jan is nothing for you because you don’t like screamo. I don’t really care much for screamo either, but with Hollow Jan it’s different. You know how with post-rock any vocals are usually more like another instrument than anything else? It’s the same way with Hollow Jan. Sure, there’s lyrics and all behind that screaming, but it just makes those intense parts of post-rock even more intense. And somewhat more aggressive. Those of you that listen to Envy already know what this is all about.

Feel like giving them a chance? (or already know them and just want to have listen while out of home) Click any of the links below to sample a song from Rough Draft In Process! I’d suggest you start with Spotless if you’re still a bit suspicious ^^

Hollow Jan - Rough Draft In Process
1. Dvaita
2. Spotless (do not miss!)
3. Nachthexen
4. Tragic Flaw (feat. Yohan of PIA)
5. Invisible Shadow
6. Empty
7. Out Of Existence (feat. Chainsaw of Vassline)
8. Water From The Same Source (Rachel’s cover)
9. Agnosticism (feat. Double Axe of Vassline)
10. Blaze The Trail

For those that want more, MySpace offers a couple of tracks from the 2005 release Hyacinthus Orientalis Of Purple: Beside Oneself and the title track itself. And if you look to purevolume, there’s demo versions of Empty and Out Of Existence.

update Nov. 22: ICFYC – the label responsible for the US release Hollow Jan’s Demo – has put the demo on last.fm too: listen!

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