New studio album from 10

10 - Nomad
Good news posted on itta‘s MySpace blog today: experimental noise duo 10 will release a new studio album, NOMAD, on Chinese label Wangba Records. “Pop sounds” have been added to their sound in order to give the album a bright feeling. Hear the NOMAD album sampler at MySpace or download it from

The release party will be held on October 10 and will be followed by a NOMAD tour in China. These are the dates:
October 10: MAO livehouse, Beijing
October 11: 画国人创意空间, Tianjin
October 14: Black Iron Bar, Nanchang
October 16: Castle Bar, Nanjing
October 17: 1982, Ningbo
October 18: Traveller Bar, Hangzhou
October 18: Live Bar, Shanghai
October 22: 喜窝, Guangzhou
October 23: C:Union, Shenzen
October 24: 191 Space, Guangzhou
October 25: Freedom House, Changsa
October 27: Music Life Club, Guilin
October 29; Southpark Bar, Guiyang
October 31: Little Bar, Chengdu
November 01: 日落之前, Xi’an
November 04: 2 Kolegas, Beijing

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