Clazziquai does DJ MAX Emotional Sense

As reader johnjihoonchang pointed out, there’s a new mini album out from Clazziquai. It was released on October 23, it’s called Metrotronics and it’s the soundtrack for the “Clazziquai Edition” of the PSP game DJ MAX Emotional Sense. (I saw the names of Humming Urban Stereo and Sugar Donut – now that’s a surprise! – flash by in that video too. Seems like an interesting game!)

Of course our very own orienkorean, now that he’s back (you’ve been missed you know!), has already updated his YouTube channel with three vids from it: Electronics [promo], Beat In Love and Flea. Beat In Love is also available on the album in a version remixed by capsule‘s Yasutaka Nakata.

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