A couple of single debuts

WooeeCheez Stereo - Oh Yeah
What I like about Hyang Music is that not only do they carry releases impossible to get elsewhere, but that when possible they offer a fair amount of samples accessible even for people without a Korean social security number. For a couple of mornings now I’ve found myself listening to the short samples provided for two particular singles over and over again:

Wooee is a one man act making what, in Korea, is popularly referred to as modern rock. His first single was released on August 25 and all three tracks from it can be sampled at Hyang

Another act debuting with a three track single recently is Cheez Stereo. Their Oh Yeah was released on September 9 and while their music seems strangely familiar to me I can’t seem to find how to best describe it. (Though their picture at Cyworld makes it impossible to get Blur out of my mind…) Sample the title track at Hyang. Cheez Stereo is a three member band with somebody named Lee Dong Hoon as the vocalist. While I know this is a common name, I sorta suspect that this particular Dong Hoon used to be in the now defunct band Blueisland.

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