Seo Taiji’s “mystery project”

Seo Tai Ji - ATOMOS past MOAI
If you care the least about it, you are probably already well aware that Seo Tai Ji released a new single today, July 29. From YesAsia I gathered some additional information: The title is Moai – after the Polynesian island – and is the first part in a series of three, called Atomos. The second part too will be a single and we’ll have to wait till part three to get the full 8th album.

Asianbite reported today that Taiji’s shot a “blockbuster-level music videos worth 800,000 dollars in Chile and Canada” for the title track.

Keeping everything a secret for as long as possible, naturally there’s been plenty of rumors regarding this/these release(s) over the past few years, including talk of influences from India and collaborations with Japanese indie artists. I guess we’ll know how much truth there was to that in not too long.

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