Re-releases, past and upcoming

On May 29, Beatball Records re-released a few Lollipop Music albums. Mellow act Mellowyear‘s first album, The Vane, was one of them. The track 방갈로 can be streamed from the site and those of you that (like me) adore the ever so lovely O So Young should really try not miss out on 봄바람은 여기에 where she’s featured. Another feature on the album is Slow 6, that saw his second album, Reverse, re-released too. 우린 곧 of his can be sampled at Hyang Music. The third and last of these re-releases was the second album of indie rocker guy Noisecat, Morning Lights.

On to June 1, boonga Boonga Record put out disco/ppongjjak group Sultan of the Disco‘s five track digital EP 여동생이 생겼어요 on CD. Hyang Music has a short sample of the second track, 요술왕자, and the title track can be sampled in a live version on YouTube

And finally, coming June 12 electropop band BellaMafia aim to hit the market once again with their Overstep single, first released in February. This repackage version will have one extra track – a “band version” of the song BellaMafia, that was released on its own as a digital single June 3. If you’re curious to hear their take on Axel F (known to the younger crowd as “The Crazy Frog song”) a visit to YouTube should provide you with an opportunity to listen.

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