Randomness #28

It’s been a while. This unplanned hiatus started with me enjoying a good few weeks in Korea, then continued with a few months back in Sweden with a focus on work and rest. I’ll be working throughout the summer, as I usually do, but have hopes that I’ll be able to manage my workload better… Continue reading

Randomness #27

It’s been much longer than I planned since I got to writing one of these randomness posts, even though I really enjoy doing them. It started with a week-long vacation in New York, where the hotel wifi policy effectively discouraged me from any sort of productive online activity. New York was awesome, but either very… Continue reading

Randomness #11

This weekend–for the first time in more than a month–I finally got around to catching up on blogs through my feed reader. I’ve missed a lot and have more catching up to do in other areas (e.g. finding out what besides the more popular singles & albums have come out recently) but all will be… Continue reading

[Recall 2007] A Meeting with MOT

This article written after an interview with MOT was edited by Philip Gowman and first published on London Korean Links. The summer of 2004, MOT’s debut album, non-linear, was my soundtrack of choice. Three years later, MOT have finally released their second album, Strange season, and it’s hard to think of a better suited companion for this rainy summer…. Continue reading