Soran and Yellow Monsters Sing for Orange Revolution Festival

Korean owned chained Smoothie King launched the Orange Revolution Festival in August to showcase the talent of Korean indie bands through a series of concerts and busking events, where the audience was encourage to dress in orange. Five concerts were held as part of the initiative from mid-August through mid-September and corresponding digital singles with… Continue reading

Die Frende Promoted with Music from Lalasweet

It was bearly a week since Lalasweet released the music video for “파란달이 뜨는 날에” and only a couple of days later followed a new music video for “우린 지금 어디쯤에 있는 걸까”. “우린 지금 어디쯤에 있는 걸까” was the main track off the female duo’s first full-length album, and a ‘music painting’ video was… Continue reading