Lozik Updates Joa Band’s Dear Polar Bear for eARTh

It’s only a few weeks left till this year’s Grand Mint Festival kicks off and as usual the festival has a focus on the environment through the eARTh campaign. This year’s campaign song was released as a digital single on September 27th, with Joa Band‘s GMF2010 song “북극곰아” updated through a remix by apls‘ DJ Lozik.

The director of this year’s eARTh campaign is No Reply‘s Tune. Participating artists are The Solutions, Lalasweet, The Koxx vocalist Hyunsong, Soran vocalist Ko Young Bae, Wann of mushru:ms, Hologram Film, Sol Sol Spring Wind and Pop Record House.


Also updated for this year’s festival was last year’s GMF theme song “So Nice”. Again performed by GMBthe special Grand Mint Band–for the GMF2012 version the vocalists featured were Soran’s Ko Young Bae, 10cm‘s Kwon Jung Yeol, Lalasweet’s Kim Hyun-a, Oh Ji Eun, Sweet Sorrow, Thomas Cook and Lucia. It was released as a digital single back in August and the corresponding artist interview video followed in the beginning of September:


The timetable for GMF2012 was revealed a couple of days ago.

Via: mintblog; Bugs Music 1, 2

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