Young Gifted & Wack Launches MukimukiManmansu Remix Contest

Monday this week, September 17th, Korean underground music zine Young Gifted & Wack together with Beatball Records launched a MukimukiManmansu remix and remake contest. Together with the arrangers of the contest MukimukiManmansu will name the winners for a number of categories, each with its own set of prices. A cappella tracks for MukimukiManmansu’s first album tracks… Continue reading

Beatball’s Record Fair Vinyls Available Again

In time for the Seoul Record & CD Fair in June Beatball Records made sure to press a couple of limited edition vinyls, for Lim Ji Hoon‘s Organ Orgasm and a special acoustic EP 이사/화창한 날에  from The Freaks. After the fair rumors had it Beatball would soon make the remaining copies available in record stores, but now it seems the label… Continue reading

Beatball Releases Vinyls for Record Fair

This weekend, June 2nd through 3rd, the 2nd Record & CD Fair in Seoul will take place at Ax-Korea. There will be a number of performances, and being a record fair plenty of labels will be taking part in the exhibition. Some have printed special releases for the event, and among them are Beatball Records… Continue reading