Randomness #27

It’s been much longer than I planned since I got to writing one of these randomness posts, even though I really enjoy doing them. It started with a week-long vacation in New York, where the hotel wifi policy effectively discouraged me from any sort of productive online activity. New York was awesome, but either very… Continue reading

Randomness #6

For a long time I was thinking that I should make a “real” post before heading on to what appears to have become my regular, kind of random, sort of personal type post sort on blogging and music, but then I spent too much time on Candy Crush (and Farm Heroes Saga–another guilty pleasure of… Continue reading

Randomness #5

This has been a pretty good week. Workwise, blogwise, and in general. In Sweden we were celebrating Walpurgis Night and I opted to do so by watching a huge bonfire with a few friends and colleagues, which turned into an evening with a ton of fun. I finally completed that post with all the UK… Continue reading

Hello Rookies of May & June

Since the last day of Mars artists have been able to apply for this year’s Hello Rookie competition. Applications are made on monthly basis with around seven bands usually picked for final audition in front of a live audience. The monthly winners are awarded 1 million won each and get to appear on a special… Continue reading