Guest Post: Ally photos

Note: This is a guest post from a member of, a community of writers, translators and Korea-enthusiasts who represent part of the diverse ecology of the Korean blogosphere. You can see more of Liz’s photos at Seoul Sub→urban where she provides the visuals to Charlie’s narratives of their explorations of Seoul.

We were introduced to Ally (pronounced ‘alley’) by our friend Bang Su-in, the lead singer’s younger brother, while looking for bands to perform at a release party for Speakeasy, a bi-lingual arts and culture magazine we’ve both (Liz currently) served as editor for. Neither of us had heard of the group, but Su-in’s enthusiasm seemed to go beyond just the familial connection, and so we decided to take a flyer on them. Good thing we did. They wound up being a crowd favorite and, having been given the tough late late night slot, succeeded in doing what a lot of bands can’t: pulling in a crowd and keeping it at a time when most people just want to eat something greasy and go home.

Ally’s sound takes a lot from bands like Muse, Franz Ferdinand, and the Rapture, combining resounding guitar with underlying dance-friendly rhythms. The result is easily graspable hooks and a crowd-pleasing sound that’s made them a regular at Speakeasy events and personal favorites.

Who said nepotism didn’t have benefits?

Images of Mr.Room (Vo & Gt & Keyb) & 이선경 (drums) were taken on and off stage in and around Hongdae. They’ll be performing for Speakeasy‘s upcoming event on Saturday, May 21st at DGBD (Club Drug) in Hongdae.

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