Loveholic will release a 2CD compilation called Dramatic & Cinematic, filled with songs they’ve made for various dramas and movies over the years, on March 11. This will be the last Loveholic release with vocals from Jisun.

Beatball Records offers two new releases on February 28: the second album from progressive rock band The Mustangs, Acid Trip, and the debut EP, appropriately called Appetizer, of garage pop band Sweetsoap.

YB (Yoon Band/Yoon Do Hyun Band) will once again play on South By Southwest (SXSW), Austin, Texas. This year they’ll have two performances on March 13. See times and stages here.

99anger has become a band again. In a blog entry at the hardcore punk band’s MySpace today, Hyun announced that former member Hyun-Jong will go back to being the drummer while Jin, Hyun’s best friend, will pick up the bass.