SXSW 2016

It’s mid-March and just a day away from the start of the world’s largest music showcase festival–South by Southwest–in Austin, Texas. The music portion of SXSW 2016 lasts from March 15 to March 20 and offers more than 2,000 showcasing artists. 16 of those are Korean.



Anna’s Recommendations

Chris from Korean Indie took the chance to highlight 4 Korean artists in SXSW’s official The Independent Blogger’s Guide to SXSW, naming Jambinai, Neon Bunny, Love X Stereo, and WYM. Beats And Sheets included the same artist on a list of who to see at SXSW 2016, also adding Victim Mentality, Dean, HEO, and Big Phony.

Personally I’d highlight a couple of different names based on my experience from seeing these bands live in Korea and elsewhere.

Guten Birds

When I first saw Guten Birds live I got somewhat upset with myself for neglecting to check them out sooner. Great sound, great songs, great performance. I was awestruck. The kind of band that makes me wish that I, too, could be in a band.

SXSW Showcases

Thursday, March 17, 01:00 @ Voodoo Doughnut
Friday, March 18, 21:00 @ The Majestic (2K16 Seoulsonic)


Windy City

I might not love everything that Kim Ban Jang does, but I have a hard time not admiring his work even when the music he makes is not to my tastes. The one time I saw him live he made quite the impression, completely ignoring the set times just jamming along with his band having a seemingly fantastic time. There’s something extra joyful about watching musicians that so obviously enjoy what they’re doing.

SXSW Showcases

Friday, March 18, 20:00 @ The Majestic (2K16 Seoulsonic)
Saturday, March 19, 20:00 @ Russian House (Sounds of the World)



Because nobody’s SXSW recommendations list is complete without Jambinai. Seriously. My very favorite band in recent years. One of the best live bands I have ever seen. And though I’ve seen them live about a dozen times in various countries and different settings they never fail to impress me. This is a band that must be experienced at least once, even if you don’t think the music is anything for you.

SXSW Showcases

Wednesday, March 16, 19:30 @ Elysium (Bella Union)
Thursday, March 17, 21:00 @ Flamingo Cantina (WOMEX)


Official Showcases

But don’t just take my word for it. If you happen to be in Austin right now with an SXSW wristband, here’s the complete list of official showcases with Korean artists should you want to check out some Korean live music.

March 16: Bella Union


UK label Bella Union is set to showcase some of its artists at SXSW on Wednesday, March 16. The event takes place at Elysium and opens with one of the label’s most recent artists.

19:30 – Jambinai


March 16: K-Pop Night Out


The KOCCA sponsored K-Pop Night Out returns to Seoulsonic for the 4th consecutive year on Wednesday, March 16. This time the event is held in collaboration with MU:CON and will be held at The Belmont. 7 acts are scheduled to perform with set lengths varying between 20-50 minutes.

19:30 – Bye Bye Badman
20:20 – Victim Mentality
21:20 – Love X Stereo
22:20 – Mamamoo
23:20 – Haihm
00:20 – Dean
01:00 – Zion.T & The Session


March 17: WOMEX

World Music Expo, WOMEX, hosts a showcase on Thursday, March 17. The event takes place at Flamingo Cantina, featuring artists that have previously performed at WOMEX in Spain or the UK.

21:00 – Jambinai


March 17: Hip-Hop From Asia

Mandoo Entertainment arranges the event Hip-Hop From Asia on Thursday, March 17. The event takes place at Palm Door on Sixth and showcases primarily Taiwanese artists.

22:00 – Deepflow


March 18: 2K16 Seoulsonic


The 2K16 Seoulsonic SXSW event will take place this Friday, March 18, at The Majestic. It’s the 7th annual showcase from Seoulsonic. 6 bands are on the bill and will each be playing 40 minute sets:

20:00 – Windy City
21:00 – Guten Birds
22:00 – Bye Bye Badman
23:00 – WYM
00:00 – HEO
01:00 – Neon Bunny


March 18: Monster Energy Outbreak Stage – Hip Hop


The Monster Energy sponsored Outbreak House tour makes a special stop at SXSW inviting to four differently themed nights. The hip hop evening takes place at the Monster Energy Outbreak House on Friday, March 18.

00:20 – Keith Ape


March 19: Sounds of the World


SXSW’s Sounds of the World showcases spans most of the days of the festival. The main venue for the showcases is Russian House, where a wide array of world musicians will be performing during the day.

20:00 – Windy City


March 19: V-ROX


For the second year, Russian festival V-ROX offers a special showcase at SXSW. This year it’ll take place on Saturday, March 19, at Maggie Mae’s. The international evening offers one Korean band.


Other Showcases

March 16, 22:00 – Neon Bunny @ Lucky Lounge
March 17, 13:00 – Neon Bunny @ International Day Stage
March 17, 22:00 – Big Phony @ St David’s Bethell Hall
March 17, 01:00 – Guten Birds @ Voodoo Doughnut

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