Gaon Charts February 2015

The various charts from Gaon covering the month of February were published last week. Following up from the status in January, here’s a summary of how the various k-indie related albums and songs fared this time around.


Gaon Korean Album Chart

Although February offered several interesting releases, only a couple of Korean indie albums sold enough to be listed on Gaon’s Korean album chart for February. A full 10 years after the release of the award-winning album debut, ethnic fusion band 2nd Moon returned with a second full-length album on February 25th. Emo band Burstered finished 6th on audition show Superstar K6 (슈퍼스타 K6) and followed up with 6-track debut album Independent on February 17th.

Monthly RankAlbumMonthly SalesWeekly Ranks
48 [new] 2nd Moon - 그동안 뭐하고 지냈니?703x-x-x-17
96 [new] Burstered - Independent341x-x-10-100

Additionally, Kim Chang Wan Band‘s 3rd full-length album 용서 placed 43rd on the monthly chart with 773 albums sold. The album features Jambinai on a new version of Sanullim classic “내 마음에 주단을 깔고“.

The albums that did make an appearance on the album chart during the month, but didn’t sell enough to qualify for the monthly chart of February (i.e. less than 329 copies) were the following:

761미생 OST
76710cm - 3.0
774Seoul Electric Band - 꿈이라면 좋을까
897Busker Busker - 버스커 버스커 1집
1093Busker Busker - 버스커 버스커 1집


Gaon Korean Digital Chart

Gaon’s digital chart combines the results of Gaon’s download, streaming and background music charts. Few indie songs make the joint chart, but all new songs to enter any of the related charts are added to Indieful ROK’s Gaon Digital 2015 YouTube playlist.

Just like in January, the only indie songs to make the monthly Korean digital chart of February were 10cm’s “쓰담쓰담” from November and Acoustic Collabo‘s two contributions to KBS2 drama Discover of Love (연애의 발견) from September.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
65 [-18]10cm - "쓰담쓰담"56-60-63-69
81 [+15] Acoustic Collabo - "묘해, 너와"83-80-71-79
82 [+15] Acoustic Collabo - "너무 보고 싶어"81-82-77-78

The only additional indie song to show up on any of Gaon’s weekly Korean digital charts during the month was Busker Busker‘s “벚꽃 엔딩” showing up at #100 for the final week of February as the sure spring sign that it has become since its release in February 2012.

Gaon Korean Download Chart

The indie songs on Gaon’s Korean download chart for February were the same as those that made it all the way to the monthly digital chart.

Monthly RankSongMonthly DownloadsWeekly Ranks
58 [-12]10cm - "쓰담쓰담"63,04556-60-63-69
80 [+23] Acoustic Collabo - "묘해, 너와"50,93183-92-78-88
85 [+22] Acoustic Collabo - "너무 보고 싶어"48,33089-99-85-95

During the second week of February J Rabbit‘s “Wonderful World” and Kiha & The Faces‘ timely released “New Year’s Luck (새해 복)“. Busker Busker’s “벚꽃 엔딩” made an appearance also on the Korean download chart during the last week of February.

Gaon Korean Streaming Chart

Just as with the download chart, Gaon’s Korean streaming chart for February only contained the songs that could also be found on the monthly digital chart.

Monthly RankSongMonthly StreamsWeekly Ranks
50 [-13]10cm - "쓰담쓰담"3,350,62247-53-56-59
60 [+5] Acoustic Collabo - "묘해, 너와"2,954,74665-64-64-63
62 [+4] Acoustic Collabo - "너무 보고 싶어"2,913,73764-65-69-64

No other indie songs made the streaming chart any week during February.

Gaon Korean BGM Chart

Much like in January, the Gaon’s Korean BGM chart is the one of the digital charts where it’s more common to find Korean indie songs listed.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
9 [-5]Autumn Vacation - "감기약"5-9-15-23
25 [hot]Busker Busker - "벚꽃 엔딩"45-24-21-34
47 [-24]Yozoh - "내가 말했잖아"80-48-13-117
53 [-22]The Barberettes - "Be My Baby"27-41-x-81
54 [-27]10cm - "쓰담쓰담"37-51-x-58
56 [+50]Annyeongbada - "별 빛이 내린다"36-x-148-61
79 [-5]Okdal - "수고했어, 오늘도"78-72-108-91
96 [-12]Nell - "청춘연가"43-x-x-x
97 [-1]Acoustic Collabo - "묘해, 너와"74-x-x-x

The release of Shinhwa‘s 12th full-length album WE end of February appears to have been one contributing reason to the many lost positions for the songs listed above.

In addition to the songs that made the monthly chart, Acoustic Collabo’s “그대와 나, 설레임“, Busker Busker’s “여수 밤바다“, J Rabbit’s “Wonderful World”, Kiha & The Faces’ “New Year’s Luck (새해 복)” and Lucia & Epitone Project‘s “부디” all appeared on the weekly background music chart during the month of February.


Gaon Mobile Chart

Although the mobile chart is often the best out of Gaon’s many charts to find Korean indie songs listed, this month isn’t looking quite as good as the previous. This is the only chart that does not separate Korean and foreign artists.

Monthly Ringtone
Monthly Ringback
Tone Rank
7 [-4]6 [-4]Yozoh - "내가 말했잖아"
45 [+72] 33 [+82] The Barberettes - "Be My Baby"
46[+?] 44 [+?] Busker Busker - "벚꽃 엔딩"
64 [-18]89 [-31]Annyeongbada - "별 빛이 내린다"
92 [-62]80 [-51]10cm - "쓰담쓰담"
99 [-24]54 [-3]One More Chance - "널 생각해"
-66 [-26]Acoustic Collabo - "묘해, 너와"
-84 [-43]Acoustic Collabo - "너무 보고 싶어"
-86 [-23]Okdal - "수고했어, 오늘도"
-99 [+?] Acoustic Collabo - "그대와 나, 설레임"

Other songs that could be found on Gaon’s mobile charts during February without making the monthly chart are Modern Juice‘s “이별을 걷는다“, Lucia & Epitone Project’s “부디“, J Rabbit’s “Wonderful World”, Kiha & The Faces’ “New Year’s Luck (새해 복)” and “풍문으로 들었소“, and Standing Egg‘s “사랑한대” with Windy.


Gaon Korean Noraebang Chart

The Gaon’s Korean noraebang chart does not contain all that many news from last month till February. The changes that are anyway observed primarily appear to depend on songs already in the top 100 moving around.

Monthly RankSongWeekly Ranks
42 [-5]Cherry Filter - "낭만 고양이"38-40-44-44
58 [-19]10cm - "애상"51-53-62-62
76 [+19] Busker Busker - "정류장"82-76-79-76

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