Daegu’s Club Heavy Celebrates 17th Anniversary with Compilation Album

It is easy to think that Seoul always has been and still is the one and only place for indie music happens in Korea, but in fact is has many hopes. One of them is Club Heavy in Daegu, that has been around since 1997 showcasing local talent as well as bigger names from outside the city. In order to celebrate its 17th anniversary Club Heavy is releasing compilation album 17 : Club Heavy 17th Anniversary Album on April 20th, featuring 17 songs from artists that have frequented the venue.

Here’s the leading half of folk duo People and People performing compilation opening track 2009년 대구:


Indie rock band The March Kings have recorded their “메아리” for the compilation, here live at another Daegu venue:


Pop punk band Golden Ticket‘s first album lead track “Goodbye, Goodbye” will get a new release on the compilation. Here’s the music video from last year:


Punk rock band Hook too contributed, with “Oh Hook! My Captain” first released on the band’s 2008 debut single. Here’s a performance from 2001:


Death metal band Axcutor contributed “Belldandy”, here’s the music video released in 2008 alongside the single with the same name:


Funky pop band Bumhwa has been playing at Club Heavy a lot over the last few months, here a performance of compilation track “문자남” from January:


Emotional band 7th Line can also be heard on the compilation with “쭉지켜봤어” from their 2012 debut EP It’s Grey:


Blues influenced rock band Sinchonong contributed there “오랜아픔이”, here performed at Club Heavy in July last year:

Via: Hyang Music

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