Wagwak and Apollo 18 Go to Canada for Pop Montréal

This year international music festival Pop Montréal will take place September 19-23 – in Montreal,  Canada, of course. This year two Korean bands will be playing: loud folk duo Wagwak on the opening day, and even louder post-rock trio Apollo 18 on September 21st.

While in the country both acts will also offer a few other shows. Wagwak have one coming up in Toronto on September 27th (details to come later) whereas Apollo 18 have a mini tour planned with additional dates:
– September 19th: Hamilton, ON (This Ain’t Hollywood)
– September 20th: Ottawa, ON (Zaphod Beeblebrox)
– September 22nd: Toronto, ON (Bovine Sex Club)

Wagwak have also been busy on the other side of the Atlantic over the last few weeks, playing a number of shows in London sharing a stage with Jeffrey Lewis among others. Before leaving England for this time Wagwak have got one more gig to go, on Friday September 14th when they’ll play the same show as Stanley Brinks of Herman Dune fame.

Via: Pop Montréal; Wagwak; Apollo 18

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