Tune’s Collaboration with Dr.Simpson Gets Another Release

Hip-hop artist Dr.Simpson is preparing to release his first album, Clinic, and to increase anticipation he released something of a teaser last month–digital single Almost Clinic 12.5%. Featuring Lady Jane he had updated his “Lean On Me” from last year, now with the title “더 Lean On Me”. On September 21st the new single will get a CD release, this time with the original reggae influenced “Lean On Me” featuring Tune of No Reply and Superstar K4 contestant Kim Jung Hwan aka Eddy-K as bonus track.

A music video was released for the Dr.Simpson and Lady Jane version of the song:


Although a music video teaser was released for the Dr.Simpson, Eddy-K and Tune version it doesn’t seem like that music video ever happened:


On the Dr.Simpson dedicated YouTube channel Husltersound, however, the full audio for the original version is available:

Sources: Hyang Music; Digitalrecord; Bugs Music

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