Cosmos Sound Release Golden Pops Produced Single

Modern folk trio Cosmos Sound will be releasing a single called 서정적 농담 on June 7th. Holding three songs total, the single has been produced by Golden Pops. Single opening track “낮잠” has been made over the last year whereas the other two have been played live for five years. Closing track “안녕 UFO” was included already on last year’s EP debut and is now returning in a “single version”.

In April Cosmos Sound performed “낮잠” at Jeonja Salon:


The second track on the single is called “내가 할 수 있는 걸 말해줘”, which could be interpreted as the answer to the song with title “너의 진심을 말해줘” performed by Cosmos Sound at the same Jeonja Salon event as the video above:


If you understand Korean, boonga Boonga Record have a Cosmos Sound interview posted ahead of last weekend’s summer concert.

Via: Hyang Music

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