(((10))) + Brown Wing Overdrive = Zombie Allergy

In 2010 experimental noise duo (((10))) toured USA together with Tzadik tied avant-garde duo Brown Wing Overdrive. As the tour came towards an end the two acts recorded music together and the result was presented with Zombie Allergy, a joint album released on June 23rd.

Also in 2010, on October 10th to be specific, itta and Marqido, the two members of 10, got married and on May 10th this year their first son was born. Prior to giving birth itta had prepared a solo album paired with a picture book for her baby under the title 내 몸 속에 새가 있다 (A Bird in My Body). It has yet to be released, but those looking to hear something new from itta right away may want to track down the compilation Art of the Muses from German label Syrphe, where itta is one of 10 contributing experimental female artists from East Asia. The compilation was released in March and is the only place to hear itta’s “Dabao”.

Zombie Allergy can be streamed via Bandcamp:

Via: 10; Zombie Allergy at Bandcamp

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