Vote for Korean Band to Play Quebec City

Coming up on its 15th year, Quebec City will be hosting the Envol et Macadame alternative music festival in September. Last year the festival launched the competition PlanetRox, searching for the best new bands in fifteen countries to promote to an international audience. South Korea was represented by Javo Island in 2011 and now it is possible to vote for the semi-finalists of 2012.

The first part of auditions has already taken place, with bands registering and submitting mp3s. Ten bands for each country have been picked for semi-finals, but for Korea the list only includes seven bands. The next step is for the public and judges to vote on the videos submitted by the bands after which five bands will be picked for a national final.

The Korean bands in the semi-final are:
Harry Big Button
Joyful Island
Left Side Exit
Number Nine
The Reading Club

Head over to the semi-finalists videos and leave your vote after registering!

Via: Microkid’s Facebook page

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