Mini-Interview with Momguamaum

As soon as I saw the lineup for new trio Momguamaum I knew I had to learn more about them. With members from bands that all have been among my favorites they have to be great. Yesterday their debut EP Deja-vu was released and today I’m happy to present answers provided by WooSung Lee to a few questions of mine.


Who are the members of Momguamaum and how did the band form?

WooSung Lee, Guitar/Vocal, ex-Cocore.
SangWoo Kim, Drums, ex-3rd Line Butterfly.
HoSung Seo, Bass, ex-The Plastic Day.

The three of us are working and living close to each other, hanging out often. We’ve been friends for a pretty long time.

One day, SangWoo asked me to start a new band together, I said yes and we were both thinking about HoSung as the bassist whom to play with. We called him to get together, he also said yes… And that’s it.


What sound can be expected from Momguamaum?

A simple trio sound. Whatever it’s gonna be, done by the three of us.


What can you tell us about your first EP?

Mom is body and maum is soul (not exactly but close) in Korean.

We are pursuing the moments that our ‘mom’ and ‘maum’ get together, which hardly get along with.

The EP is the first result of our pursuit.


Is Momguamaum a one time thing or do you see it as a lasting project?

Definitely a lasting project.


I’m very glad to learn that Momguamaum intend to stay together for more than just this EP. Often when a perceived super group is formed it seems like it’s only for a limited time and that’s particularly sad when the band not only seems awesome but actually sound awesome too.

Check out the band’s first music video:

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